Managing your website, your blog, your Facebook, your Twitter, your organisation's events, activities, availability, products.... It never seems to end. Well all that has changed. Say hello to OnToday.

OnToday is an easy-to-use platform that helps you deliver timely, relevant information to your customers. Share events, photos, videos, offers and other rich content.

And the best bit - you can schedule it ahead of time, allowing you to take care of the most important thing, your customers.


Welcome to OnToday, a new platform that makes it easier to reach and engage your customers wherever they may be. The web and mobile has never been so easy.

Mobile First, Relevant Content

Leap ahead of the competition and be awesome at mobile.

Make Social Media Easy

Simple tools to make being social a snap.

Allow Customers to Book, Buy and Pay

Hello eCommerce. The easy way.


Mobile First, Relevant Content

For success in today's digital world, businesses need more than just a web presence. They must also respond to the increasing use of mobile devices by their customers.

We increasingly hear the term "responsive web", but what does that mean? It's not just a website that looks good on mobile. Its more than that. It's really about giving visitors the right information, at the right time, in the right context.

OnToday gives you the simple tools for creating timely, relevant, fantastic looking content for your site's visitors, whether they visit from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Create engaging content with the following post types:

Engage your customers on Social Media without the headaches.

Make Social Media Easy

Connect OnTdoday to your social media accounts and enjoy a painless way to manage & schedule your social media content.

Using OnToday makes managing your social media extremely easy. Use your OnToday posts as the basis of your social media content.

Use the scheduling features to schedule your social media posts ahead of time, eliminating the worry of doing it on the day, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate on your customers.

You'll have detailed real time metrics at your fingertips showing where your OnToday visitors are coming from, helping you better understand your customers.

Allow Customers to Book, Buy and Pay

OnToday is the perfect way for your customers to buy your services online; Gives you super simple tools to take bookings for your classes, sessions, and events.

Imagine this: A customer comes to your OnToday site, flips through your calendar of events (or classes, or sessions), selects the class they want to book into and then clicks BOOK. They enter their details, their credit card number and BAM, booking made.

Both you and your customer get an SMS & Email Confirmation, allowing you to take last minute bookings and still be in the know when you client turns up.

Meanwhile OnToday manages your class sizes and availability, so you don't have to fear overbooking.

Some People call it eCommerce, we think of it as simple commerce

The best part is you get to manage your inventory, decide what to sell, how many and what price. Then you just sit back and take orders (& payments). You don't even need to worry about Payment Gateways or merchant accounts, we partner and integrate with the best and most secure in the industry.

Our Commerce features are currently in testing to be released in May 2014.

Example Sites

Caloundra BIG4

Caloundra BIG4 use OnToday for managing their guest's program. Guests visit the site to see what activities are on in and around the park.

ACME Cafe (Sample)

Acme Cafe could use OnToday to engage with their customers about their current offerings and share activities in their area.

Boxing Central (Sample)

Boxing Central could use OnToday to show what time their classes are on and then allow them to book.


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